Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is using the main words, which are also called keywords, in an article, website or webpage, to attract relavant people to the website for the purpose intended, whether it is informational or for purchasing. It provides the best results for the users. Search Engine Optimisation makes sure a website uses words that are typed into search engines, therefore pulling up websites that are most relevant. A search engine is software that collects data about websites. SOE increases search engine rankings of websites so they appear higher in search results, causing more traffice to the website. SEO considers what people search for.

How It Works

SEO works by picking one or two long tail keywords per article. Long tail keywords are phrases that best describe the article. They lower the search volume and competition. Visitors who use long tail keywords are more likely to read the whole article. Include keywords in title. Make your article mobile-friendly, by doing so, your article will appear before others that are not. Placing links in your articles, websites or webpages, are important to search engines. Links are used to take you to similar websites, in turn your website will have a higher ranking.

How It Benefits a Business’ Growth

SEO benefits a business’ growth by using long tail keywords on the website to lower search volume and competition. It attracts relavant potential customers to website which improves sales. Mobile-friendly websites rank higher and have more traffic, as most people will be searching from their phones verus computers. Adding links that are relavant and rank high will also increase traffic. SEO will help a business growth by getting the website the highest rank possible to be put in search engine results whch wil increase visitors to website. Higher rankings in search engines produces more trafffic, more traffic produces more sales..