Let Manage Your Bill


There are different types of debt. Some people owe more, some owe less. It all comes down to the same basic principles though. It can stress you out. It can break you to the point where you think of nothing else except the debt and it can make you to take personal loans for bad credit. Point is, personal debt can cripple you in a major way, no matter how much you owe.

What happens though when your debt is over $100,000?

10499295254_6c130bebeb_kSame principles apply. You still need to find a way out of it. Part of finding that way is being responsible. You have to start being honest with yourself. Be honest with yourself about the debt and how you got into it. This is just the beginning.

These next few steps will help explain how you can go about getting your debt paid down. These steps are rather easy, no stress involved. They do require honesty though. Let’s take a look.

1)Write down everything that you owe. I mean everything. Add to your list the companies that you owe the money to. Write down how much you have paid so far, including the interest.

Write down the interest that is left. Do this for every single debt you have. This is where the honesty comes in. Now some will say that you need to begin with the lowest debt. Some argue you need to begin with the highest debt. I say, begin with your target company.

Look at the company you want to pay off first. Put as much money as you can each month into that pot. If you can afford to throw in a few hundred each month to pay down a $10,000 debt, than do so. The point is to get it paid down as quickly as possibly.

Once that is done, move to the next one. Do this with each debt you have.

2)Consider cutting some expenses. I am sorry, but it needs to be done. Maybe you could eat out a little less. Maybe you could stop splurging on the shopping trips. Anything you can do to pay it all down will be a good thing.

Part of the process might involve trading in the big fancy car for a smaller, more compatible car. Others have had to do it. You might have to too. It all depends on how by the big really is, and it also depends on how much of the debt you have already paid off.

3)The next thing to do is write down your expenses. Take a hard look at where some of your money is actually going, besides bill and paying off debt. Some of you might be surprised at what you find out. Some of this spending could be very unnecessary.

If you get into the habit of doing this 3 or 4 times a week, you could get back on track in no time.

4)Another thing you might consider is making more money. This might require taking on more jobs that work, for which you’d get paid more money. This might require you taking a part-time job. We have all done it. There is no shame in doing this.

Finding a way to make extra money will help reduce your debt in no time. You might need to pick up a few extra hours each week. Every little bit helps. Please consider doing this.

I have known many people who have gone this route. I have known people with full-time jobs that ended up getting part-time work. It wasn’t that the full-time job didn’t pay enough. It was all about their personal circumstances.

5)This last tips is going to sound like common sense, but hear me out. Please stop using credit cards. I used to use them. I ended up in bad debt. Not as bad as $100,000, but it was pretty bad.

Credit card companies make money off of your bad choices. They do it hand over fist. You used to be able to take out another card to pay off the first debt or transfer the balance. You can’t do that anymore. You are just robbing Peter to pay Paul. You still owe the first person though.


Some like to stay attached because of the loyalty programs and other incentives. This looks good on paper, but the looks end there. Some will offer a 2% cash back incentive. Do not be tempted by this. If you have 10% interest and are only getting back 2%, you are taking a major hit.

Nitzsche once said this. It’s true. Look it up. Nitzsche was very smart about this kind of thing. Do some more research on him. You will find that he had some serious gems when it came to money matters.

The credit card companies are basically robbing from you, only giving you the shackles of their left over meal. Learn to spot these kinds of appetites. If you don’t, you will always end up on the losing side of this game.

It becomes a vicious cycle, one of which you can get out of. Please do yourself and cut them up. Find a way to pay off the balances. Cutting up your credit cards will be the best thing you ever do.